Cayman Snorkeling

Snorkel Sites

Grand Cayman Island has the best snorkeling on the planet! Surrounded by coral reefs the water is calm. Fantastic coral formations and never ending variety of aquatic life make this THE destination for snorkelers. We put together what we feel are the best snorkel spots on the island. We have snorkeled them all and our hope is you enjoy them as well.

No Network Required

The App does not require any cellular data! Decide on a snorkel adventure location from the list and the App’s map will show you where they are and how to get there by simply turning on your GPS. Have fun exploring the marine life and aquatic landscape

What the App Does

Our aim is to help you find all the spots and make it easy to get to them. With the App you can take the site listings and locations with you in one easy package. Enjoy a snorkel spot and see what other interesting treats Cayman has to offer nearby and how easy it is to find them by using the Explore Cayman map and your GPS.

We are all about the snorkeling, but we threw in a whole bunch of other “things to do” while you are in Grand Cayman. Restaurants, Dive Shops, Shipwrecks and other interesting places to see! We even put in where to pick up some groceries.