We put together what we feel are the best snorkel spots on the island. We have snorkeled them all and our hope is you enjoy them as well.

Our first visit to Grand Cayman was fantastic. The weather, the ocean, the beach and then we went on our first snorkel trip. Boom! Done and done. We were in love. The 15 years or so coming to Cayman we have discovered that when the winds shift, the snorkeling changes as well. We have spent time exploring different sides of the island depending on wind direction and short of the rare storm we find places to revel in what the island shores and sea have to offer. We love the marine and island life and you will too. This app shares the snorkel spots we have come to love and many other delights the island has to offer (local attractions, restaurants, even grocers). The app will save our fellow Cayman visitors time and money. We found all the spots by coming back year after year and asking a lot of questions. Now you can use what we have learned!

The App is targeted to new visitors to Cayman, but there should be something for even veteran Cayman devotees!

Our aim is to help you find all the spots and make it easy to get to them. You can turn OFF roaming data because the app does not need a network connection. Just GPS! (Do NOT put it in airplane mode, or you will lose GPS). With no roaming data charge you can save lots of money. Verizon charges $2.05 per megabyte for international roaming data (priced 7/27/2015) and AT&T can hit 15.00 per megabyte (priced 8/6/2015). One map screen can be a megabyte in size. You can save the purchasing cost by using the app only a couple of times. Enjoy a snorkel spot and see what other interesting treats Cayman has to offer nearby and how easy it is to find them by using the Explore Cayman map and your GPS.

We have not gone into great detail as to what you might see at each spot, because they all have diverse and interesting marine life and we do not want to give too much away. The unique features of each site get mentioned, but remember, the sea is an ever changing environment so what you experience from year to year will change.